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Radiran Manufacturing Company

Engineering Design

Calculations, design, and production of each of the customer orders, during a unique process related to each project, is done in a completely specific way, and the conditions of each specific project, requirements and requirements, employer requests, etc. Is considered.

World class Production

Using up-to-date knowledge, production planning based on various and custom orders, estimation and allocation of resources required for each project, quantitative and qualitative feasibility, the need for complex and diverse production planning.

Sales Organization

Continuous communication with customers, on the CRM platform of Iran, causes continuous needs assessments, periodic satisfaction measurement, understanding the needs of up-to-date industrial changes and technology of customers and craftsmen.

Continuous Support

For Radiran, sales are the first step in the beginning of a long journey of commitment. Providing technical and specialized solutions, from design, production and execution, started, and with changes in customer needs, systems updates, development plans and repair needs, we accompany customers step by step.

Continuous Quality Control

Radiran observes all Technical, Legal and Industrial requirements in order to guarantee optimal quality to customers and fulfill technical and quality requirements, and the quality control unit plays a role in all operational stages, and along the production route along with other units.

Professional Business Partners

The long-term cooperation of Rada Iran, during the years of continuous exchange of technical and specialized knowledge with the group of Italian factories LU-VE in the field of heating and refrigeration industries, has caused the produced products to offer up-to-date and modern standards and worthy of international competition.
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